Aristotle's Politics 3.4 The New Thinkery

This week, the guys are back together again to talk about some meat and potatoes in Western philosophy: Aristotle's Politics 3.4. After some good old-fashioned analysis, the guys draw connections to interesting comparisons, like how it is to be a citizen in North Korea. 
  1. Aristotle's Politics 3.4
  2. Interview: Dr. Eric Adler on Plutarch's Life of Camillus
  3. Eugene O'Neill's The Emperor Jones
  4. Interview: Samuel Stoner on Kant's What is Enlightenment?
  5. Interview: Dr. Bernard J. Dobski on Plutarch's Life of Themistocles
  6. Plato's Allegory of the Cave
  7. Interview: Dr. John Moser on It's a Wonderful Life
  8. John Locke on Property
  9. Interview: Dr. Waseem El-Rayes on Ibn Khaldun's Muqaddimah
  10. Interview: Lorraine Pangle on Aristotle & Natural Right

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