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As we leave the Televisual Age behind and enter into the Digital Age, it might seem like a paper proposing the banning or severe limiting of TV hasn't aged all too well. But Anastaplo's paper proposing just that has aged like a fine wine, and is more applicable now than ever. The guys analyze Anastaplo's paper from top to bottom.
  1. George Anastaplo on Television
  2. Interview: Dr. Paul Diduch on Technological Moderation
  3. Aristotle on Friendship ft. Producer Jake
  4. Plutarch's Life of Theseus
  5. Nietzsche on Truth and Lies
  6. Aristotle on Slavery
  7. Interview: Joshua Parens on Leo Strauss on Natural Law
  8. Winchester 73 | The New Thinkery Ep. 95
  9. The Noble Lie | The New Thinkery Ep. 94
  10. Interview: Steve Hayward on Weber's Politics as a Vocation

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