Interview: Joshua Parens on Strauss' Natural Law The New Thinkery

This week, the guys attended a panel where they interviewed Joshua Parens on the peculiar nature of Strauss' views on natural law and the philosopher. The group analyzes Strauss' wisdom-filled writings.
  1. Interview: Joshua Parens on Strauss' Natural Law
  2. Winchester 73 | The New Thinkery Ep. 95
  3. The Noble Lie | The New Thinkery Ep. 94
  4. Interview: Steve Hayward on Weber's Politics as a Vocation
  5. Homer's Iliad, Books 1 and 2 | The New Thinkery Ep. 92
  6. Interview: Dr. Catherine Zuckert on Augustine's Confessions | The New Thinkery Ep. 91
  7. Interview: Dr. Lee Ward on Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost | The New Thinkery Ep. 90
  8. Interview: Dr. David Lowenthal on Orwell's 1984
  9. Grab Bag | The New Thinkery Ep. 88
  10. Interview: Professor James Carey on Indian Philosophy | The New Thinkery Ep. 87

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