Charlie Thomas on Plato's Female Drama The New Thinkery

This week, the guys are joined by Dr. Charlotte Thomas, Professor of Philosophy among several other titles at Mercer Unviersity and executive director of ACTC. The group discuss Dr. Thomas' book The Female Drama: The Philosophical Feminine in the Soul of Plato's Republic. The discussion roughly follows books V-VII of the Republic and its arguments around justice and what is needed to bring it about.
  1. Charlie Thomas on Plato's Female Drama
  2. Eric Adler on Tacitus' Germania
  3. Thomas Cleveland on Aristotle's Metaphysics A 1–2
  4. Socrates as Family Man
  5. Spencer Klavan on Euripides' The Bacchae
  6. The Introduction to Allan Bloom's The Closing of the American Mind
  7. Nietzsche on the Last Man
  8. Xenophon on Hunting with Dogs
  9. Leo Strauss' Natural Right and History, Chapter 1
  10. Jean Renoir's The Grand Illusion

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