Plato's Republic Book IV Through 429b The New Thinkery

This week, the guys return to the meat and potatoes of philosophy: Plato and Socrates. They discuss the first half of Plato's Republic Book IV, the logic of continuing an empire in decay, and the Machiavellian nature of some of Socrates' advice. Plus: don't miss Greg's hot take on country music.
  1. Plato's Republic Book IV Through 429b
  2. Interview: Professor Adam Carrington on Fort Apache
  3. Leo Strauss' Crisis of Our Time
  4. Interview: Eric Adler on Plutarch's Life of Romulus
  5. Clint Eastwood's Million Dollar Baby
  6. Xenophon's Hiero
  7. Michael Anton on Montesquieu
  8. George Anastaplo on Television
  9. Interview: Dr. Paul Diduch on Technological Moderation
  10. Aristotle on Friendship ft. Producer Jake

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