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Happy Thanksgiving from the crew at The New Thinkery! This week, the guys delve into one of the more popular sections of Aristotle's writing, Nicomachean Ethics IV.3. While none of the crew here qualify as a great souled man, that won't stop them from analyzing the required characteristics of one, as well as providing some real world examples of great souled men. 
  1. Aristotle's Great Souled Man
  2. Democracy in America, Volume 2
  3. Interview: Dr. Gary Schmitt on High Noon
  4. Interview: Charles Butterworth on Al-Razi's Book of the Philosophic Life
  5. Happy Halloween from The New Thinkery!
  6. Edgar Allen Poe's Most Famous Works
  7. Rousseau on Heroic Virtue
  8. Interview: Professor Devin Stauffer on Hobbes' View of Human Nature
  9. Strauss' Natural Right and History, Part 1
  10. Interview: Tom Cleveland on Aristotle and Prophecy

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