About Us

Greg McBrayer

Greg is an associate professor of Political Science and oversees the undergraduate Core Curriculum at Ashland University in North Central Ohio.  His research is principally focused on ancient political thought, especially Plato, Aristotle, and Xenophon.  He’s edited and contributed to a couple of books, including Xenophon’s Shorter Writings and Plato’s Euthydemus (with Mary Nichols and Denise Schaeffer)

Greg hails from the hills of North Georgia, home of the Squidbillies, but as the son of an airman he grew up in Colorado and Berlin, Germany.  McBrayer’s hobbies include working out at the crack of dawn with a group of local hooligans, craft beer (or any beer, really), baseball, and walking his fierce hound Stubby with his lovely wife.  

Once attained glorious victory over Alex Priou in a drunken wrestling match at David Bahr’s bachelor party in western Maryland after hot tubbing.

David Bahr

David is the managing editor of The American Mind, an online publication of the Claremont Institute dedicated to the ideas that drive our political life. Previously he was the assistant literary editor at The Weekly Standard. 

Unlike Alex and Greg, David has not yet written or translated any books, preferring instead to impoverish the world by keeping his best ideas to himself. From time to time he does write book reviews and op-eds, but only because his children need feeding.

David is the only non-academic on the podcast, so listeners will immediately realize he is at once more noble, good, beautiful and just than his co-hosts.

Alex Priou

Alex is an instructor in the Herbst Program for Engineering, Ethics, and Society at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  He works on the history of philosophy, focusing primarily on Plato and Pre-Socratic Poetry and Philosophy.  He’s written a book on Plato’s Parmenides, titled Becoming Socrates, as well as a number of academic and non-academic articles.  You can read his work here.

Alex was born and raised in Connecticut, just outside of New York City, and has since lived in Annapolis, New Orleans, Berlin, Brooklyn, and now Boulder, with his wife, Kristin.  Unlike Greg, Alex has no hobbies, since hobbies squander one’s idleness.  He does, however, have two dogs, Fred and Floyd.

He first befriended David Bahr while they were both students at St. John’s College, impressed as he was by David’s ability to read slowly.  Only years later would he realize that David was nearly illiterate.

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